Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tea Tree Soap: Essential for Everyday Life

If there is one thing everybody has in common, it is the battle for blemish-free skin. People spend hundreds of dollars on popular name brand soaps and acne fighting products with high hopes of having perfect skin. However, because of the artificial chemicals and animal fat that are in popular name brand products, it can actually make your skin worse. Skin is pretty sensitive, and scrubbing with a soap that has little to no natural oils in it can create blemishes and dry it out. There is a soap, however, that can take care of all your skin worries.

Tea tree oil is the most versatile oil when it comes to fighting off skin imperfections. The oil works as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which are great for clearing out all the dirt and oils that create blemishes like acne. When the tea tree oil is in a soap, it not only fights of acne, but helps get rid of dry skin. In fact, this soap can be used to help scalp dryness and get rid of dandruff. Since it is an anti-fungal, it soothes and helps eczema, Athlete's foot, and any other infection on the skin. Tea tree oil also has the characteristic of an antiseptic, so this soap can also be used on cuts and burns. Feeling sick? Use the soap in the bath and it may help lessen the symptoms of the cold and flu. Bugs also stand no chance against tea tree oil soaps. The soap is great to use on any bug bite; it soothes the bites and gets rid of them. A big plus to having this soap is in case someone acquires head lice. Use a little soap in your hair and the lice will be gone in no time. This one bar of soap can help in any skin crisis. Keeping a bar of tea tree oil soap around the house is essential so you are prepared for any skin crisis that makes its way in to your life.

Here at Kalliste, we have the tea tree and black clay soap that works wonders. The bars last a long time, and with the mix of tea tree oil and black clay, it detoxifies and cleans the skin. Daily use of the soap will get rid of existing blemishes, and help prevent future outbreaks. Our soaps are all handmade organic vegan soaps. There are no artificial chemicals or animal fat in any of our products. Before resorting to a well known brand from the nearest convenient store, try something all natural! The great smelling natural aroma of the soap and improved look and feel of your skin will rise above any other skin product.


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