Friday, February 17, 2012

Custom soap for Holistic Health Coach - Heal 'N Glow!

Joanna Puciata of Heal 'N Glow
Here at Kalliste Soap Shop, we are always thrilled to partner up with other individuals and businesses who aim to create a positive impact in the world. One of these people is Joanna Puciata, founder of Heal ‘N Glow, her own company focusing on holistic health coaching. Joanna focuses on helping each customer with his or her own personalized health plan, including a personalized skin care regimen, which is where we come in. When Joanna founded Heal 'N Glow, she did not realize that soap would be a product she needed to focus on. “I ignored the soaps, thinking there can be nothing in them that can harm. Wrong!,”

Joanna soon realized that soaps could be just as harmful as improperly crafted cosmetics and facial products. Going with her belief that “Anything you put into the skin, including the products you wash with, goes into the bloodstream where there are no enzymes to help the body cope with the toxins,” Joanna realized the dangers to our bodies of chemical and animal made soap, and partnered with Kalliste to offer her customers a truly clean inside and out life experience.
Tea Tree & Black Clay Soap
Joanna’s Holistic health coaching teaches her clients how to be completely healthy in every aspect of their lives. In her own words, “I counsel people into health, but for me that means holistically, from top to bottom. Wholesome diet, stress reduction, exercise, exfoliation, detoxification, good skincare including good soaps made out of rich butters and oils, without artificial fragrances and colors gives a brand new quality of life, and allows us to lead a healthy life.”

Oatmeal Vanilla Soap
At Kalliste, we produce personalized private label soap that work for Joanna and her business. The scents of these special soaps include oatmeal vanilla, tea tree and black clay, and Candy Land glycerin. Oatmeal vanilla is one of our signature popular soaps, it gently exfoliates while soothing dry and rashy skin. The tea tree and black clay is a great body and face soap, as it naturally helps with acne, using tea tree oil as a natural astringent and black clay to draw out impurities. Candy Land glycerin soap is a custom Heal ‘N Glow product, unscented with fun colors this soap is great for children or anyone with very sensitive skin.

We wish Joanna the best of luck as she continues to change the world one healthy client at a time! 

Candy Land Soap

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