Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Original Party Favor: Personalized Organic Soap!

Finding a gift for your special event can be a daunting task but can also be fun, creative and inventive. As a gourmet hand-crafting business, we understand the importance of that personal touch, the attention to detail and creating a beautiful and memorable product, as we perceive each and every soap we create to be its own work of art. In skilled hands imagination is the only boundary when it comes to soap-making.
Kalliste soaps are all handmade using a traditional, generations old process and contain only the finest natural ingredients. Vegetable and Fruit oils and butters provide a luxurious lather which cleanses and moisturizes the skin, while Natural Extracts and Essential Oils provide fragrance and wonderful Aromatherapy properties.
Scrumptious and colorful Cupcake Soaps, lively and bright Popsicle Soaps, Heart and Star shaped soaps, Chocolate and Vanilla Cake Soaps, Individually Wrapped guest bars with a personalized message... these are some of the favors Kalliste Organics has crafted but are definitely not the only options. If you have a special event coming up and would like to create a custom soap we would be happy to share with you our portfolio of designs or discuss your own idea. Presentation, Packaging, Shape, Size, Color and Scent are all things that can be custom made to your needs so please do not hesitate to Contact Us with your request.
Sharing a keepsake of personalized organic soap with your friends and family is innovative and original and will be appreciated and enjoyed by all. We hope to help in making your experience memorable.

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  1. A Testimonial:

    Hi Marie,

    Just wanted to thank you for the cupcake soaps that you made for my niece's shower! They were the perfect favors! Everyone could not believe they were soaps! I can't wait to use mine! I will try to e-mail you a picture of the cupcake tower!

    Karyn B.