Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Olive Soap Shampoo Bars - Remedy for Dandruff

It is an old tradition for the ladies in Greece to keep long hair, usually in a braid down the back or braided and turned in a bun at the base of the head. My hair growing up was always cropped short as it was slightly curly, rebellious and a disaster to de-tangle but the older women in my family kept this hairstyle and I was always envious of their long, strong, beautiful locks. Their trick to keeping long hair? Olive Soap!
As discussed in the previous post, for most families in Greece and in other areas of the world, Olive soap was and is the only cleanser needed for a household. It is used to bathe, wash the hair, the laundry, the dishes and anything else that requires cleaning around the house. Olive soap, however, is not only a super efficient powerhouse of a cleaner but its natural beneficial properties are unparalleled. Known to be the mildest soap around, Olive soap can be used by anyone and all skin/hair types can benefit from its gentle moisturizing properties. It is also known to be a mild anti-inflammatory as it calms and soothes the skin, an anti-oxidant as natural olive oil contains Polyphenols and Vitamins A&E, and improves elasticity.
Taking what I learned from the elders and incorporating some other medicinal herbs and oils I decided to spice up the family soap recipe and make it even more beneficial as a shampoo bar. As I have long hair myself now, no more chopped crop for me, I needed to develop something for breakage, dry scalp, dandruff, and something to tone and strengthen the roots of my heavy hair. The following herbs were incorporated with the olive bar adding to its already long list of beneficial properties:

Rosemary - Conditions, stimulates hair growth, strengthens hair root, clarifies the scalp and eliminates dandruff
Bay Leaf - Restores life and shine, stimulates hair growth, promotes scalp health
Sage - Stimulates hair growth, darkens grey hair, restores shine
Cedarwood - Tones the scalp, eliminates dandruff

The results were great for this shampoo bar so we've gone into production and will be posting them up on www.kallisteshop.com soon. Please contact us if you would like to pre-order or have a special order request!

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